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***** University Village Market is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 7 reviews!

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    Best wine/liquor prices I have seen. Staff is nice when your nice to them. Love this store because it's open till 2AM!

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    These folks are great! Sorry if you didnt notice that they are at a pretty high volume intersection, and value their parking lot, which is for their customers! been in business for 20+ years for a reason- great micro brew selection, and down home service. keep it up fam.

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    i love going there the guy behind the counter with the cute hair dew is such a cutie and he is sucha sweetheart and they have all my needs all the workers are the so kind and respectfull i give it a 5 star rating best store in midtown

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    Was able to get Badass Beer here at 1:30am. This store is good in my book.

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    owned by the Yaldo family for generations; this corner liquor store is on the corner of third ave and forest ave.  they have the best fun with their customers ever. Mark the owner is in the store most of the time and he is a riot. the others who work there make you laugh at them being trapped behind the thick bullet proof plastic. it's almost like comedy reaity theater eachtime I go to this store.  I love it, I absolutely love the selection, their crazy attitudes and the fact that their beer cooler holds all my fav on request baby. yeah we got it like that.  

    they have an ATM, Coin op Copy Machine, Fax Machine and also Western Union that operates until 12 midnite. if it's an emergency Mark will accomodate you later if you're nice (wink*wink).

    they're basically a store to get your drink on and alot of your freak too; since their magazine racks are packed with every mag with a stripe across it. their selection of the nytimes and the daily and local papers on sundays;  coupled with the hip hop rags also makes their magazine stand a hot stop.

    They have the hottest 313/ Motown/Detroit Gear for the best prices always. their selection changes to meet the season. from baseball hats to skullies; teeshirts to hoodies. beltbuckles and even shades.

    they have lots of kid friendly candy and the best selection of chips and crunchables anywhere.

    they have a wrap around cooler full of exotic pop, wine, beer, local pop and water.  ooooo the waters.  they stock three kinds of european spring waters alone. they have dove bars; haagen daz ice cream and every flavor of faygo made. yes every flavor of faygo. they also have the freshest Bettermaid Potato Chips since they're such a hot seller. Kars Nuts, pretzels, crackers and all kinds of oscar meyer prepacked lunchmeats in the cooler.

    these guys also sell all kinds of phone cards, phones and even small baggies of ice and cups - for your half's. yeah they sell small bottles of wine, mixed drinks and liquor to sneak into the movies or hilberry too. they stock kegs, taps and will order what you want for your party; including cases of wine or liquor. their cooler always has cold Dom and Cliquet.

    With Their support and Finance the folks at University Village Market have helped keep the Dally In the Alley Alive year after year. thats why the neighborhood loves and supports them so overwhelmingly.

    so the next time you're looking for a good drinkable or some top quality snacks near wsu, stop on the corner and holla @ mark and the boys. they're absolutely a riot and the panhandlers hate em.
    and Yes ladies the cops love em too that's why they're always parked in front of the place. It's A Well Lighted Safe and convenient stop.

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    This store has been in the neighborhood for at least 40 years. Their store hours are wonderful. Til' 2am...... They have all kinds of imported beers, kegs & wine. The cashiers & store manager are very friendly. They know everyone by first name. Ask them to stock something & they will have it the next day. I love Love LOVE this store! Thanks for being here on Wayne State campus.

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    owned by the Yaldo family for generations; this corner liquor store is on the corner of third ave and forest ave. they have the best fun with their...